Kish on Food & AI panel, March 10 @ NYU

NYU’s Institute for Public Knowledge, NYU Tandon’s Department for Technology, Culture and Society and the 370🅙 Project invite you to a discussion on diplomacy in the series on “Co-Opting AI.” Featuring Gillian Gualtieri, Zenia Kish, Wythe Marschall and Mona Sloane in conversation, this event examines the intersection of food and AI technology. How does AI technology affect the production, distribution and consumption of food? What kinds of social, technological and cultural futures are imagined by those who design new technologies for the food sector? In what ways does the intersection of tech and food perpetuate or challenge socio-economic privileges and inequality? The panelists will come together to provide their expertise on technology, food, agriculture, sociology, and cultural studies to consider these questions.

Co-Opting AI: FOOD

“The protean character of protein: from Diet for a Small Planet to the Impossible Burger™” with Prof Julie Guthman

impossible burger
A growing middle class in the developing world, as well as increasing concerns about the healthfulness, environmental footprint and inhumaneness of conventional livestock production have given rise to neo-Malthusian concerns about how to address what seems insatiable demand for protein.

Technological innovation is transforming agriculture…

A UC study funded by a $492,000 grant from the National Science Foundation will explore the booming connections between new technologies, agriculture and food. Charlotte Biltekoff, associate professor and chair of the UC Davis College of Letters and Science’s American studies program, is part of the multi-campus study team.